One continuous set of doubles tennis

over 24 hours in aid of

Parkinson's UK


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What is Tennis24?

A 24 hour doubles tennis match with entrants purchasing a souvenir t-shirt to play (minimum donation £10 per entrant)

When is Tennis24?

starting at noon on Friday 26th August and finishing at noon on

Saturday 27th August 2016


Why Tennis24?

Frank’s story about living with Parkinson’s Disease is our inspiration

for organising this event.

What is Tennis24?

Tennis24 is a fundraising event in aid of Parkinson’s UK. The idea is to play one continuous set of doubles tennis for 24 hours. Of course, there will be other attractions to come along and get involved with, but tennis is our main focus.

Entrants will be required to purchase a Tennis24 t-shirt for a minimum of £10 donation via this website. Sign up here


There will be 2 teams - The Perfect Pond vs Needsies Needs


Each entrant will be asked to spread the word and collect donations from friends and family.


Depending on the number of entrants for the event will depend how long you will be required to play There will be facilities to continue playing after you allotted time if you would like.


There will be plenty for everyone as well as the tennis with BBQ, Raffles, Guess-the-score competitions, various stalls and, of course, the bar will be open.



When is Tennis24?

We kick off this fun 24 hour tennis match at noon on Friday 26th August and finish at noon on Saturday 27th August 2016. Put it in your diary now



Why Tennis24?

About 12 years ago my father was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. He had not long retired from over 40 years driving a cab in Southend and we had recently celebrated his 60th birthday. It was a special birthday so mum decided they would like to spend time in their retirement with a dog. She spent time researching and to his surprise bought him a black labrador as a birthday gift.


To start with they noticed things were not right when they were out walking the dog and mum kept having telling him off for walking with his arms curled up to his chest. Other signs made them visit the doctors and after extensive tests the devasting news that he had Parkinsons was confirmed.


I have watched as this terrible disease has slowly taken away both his and my mum’s (who is now is main carer) quality of life. Now I feel that I must do something to help others with Parkinson’s


Having never run a marathon or really muddy cross country run, having never had the urge to jump out of a plane or dangle on the end of a bungee rope, I’ve never really done anything BIG for charity before. So, I got to thinking “what could I do...?”